Judge Ed Butler is available as a compensated speaker.  He can be contacted at SARPG0910@aol.com or at 210-630-9050.  He has presentations ready on the following topics, but will deliver presentations on a selected topic for an agreed upon honorarium.  The honorarium will depend on the location of the presentation, travel expenses and if overnight, hotel and meals incurred:


Judge Ed Butler is available as a compensated speaker.  He can be contacted at SARPG0910@aol.com or at 210-630-9050.  He has presentations ready on the following topics, but will deliver presentations on a selected topic:

  • The Crusades
  • Knight Templars
  • European & Mediterranean Pirates
  • Charlemagne, the Bright Star of the Dark Ages
  • Eurasia, Birthplace of American Law
  • The Inquisition
  • Eight Wonders of the Ancient World: Whose 8?
  • Viking Raids into the Mediterranean
  • Reconquista
  • Spain Through the 17th Century
  • Spain in the 18th Century
  • Photo Travelogue of Spain
  • The Man Who Never Was
  • Famous Knights of Christ
  • Ferdinand & Isabella
  • Spain, An Ally in the American Revolutionary War
  • John Paul Jones Raids Great Britain
  • Don Bernardo de Galvez – Unsung Hero of the American Revolutionary War
  • The Borbon Kings
  • Templar Sites
  • Famous Templars
  • Wm The Conqueror, A Viking Bastard
  • France, An Ally in the American Revolutionary War
  • Thomas Jefferson & Ben Franklin, Ambassadors to French Court.
  • Leonardo de Vinci
  • Michael Angelo
  • Victor Emanuel
  • A God By Any Other Name (A Comparison between Greek and Roman Gods)
  • Crusade Battles
  • Tito
  • Alexander The Great
  • Tales of the Greek Gods
  • What About the Goddesses?
  • Spartans
  • Viking Raids
  • Knights of Christ
  • Ferdinand The Navigator
  • Holland’s Assistance in the American  Revolutionary War.
  • Sweden’s Assistance in the American Revolutionary War.
  • Alfred The Great
  • Edward I
  • The Inns of Court
  • The Old Bailey
  •  St. Columba
  • King David & St. Margaret of Scotland
  • Black Kings of Ireland
  • The Marshall Clan
  • Viking Ancestors of Wm The Conqueror
  • Teutonic Knights
  • Piracy & the Trucial States
  • The Moguls
  • Pirates of the Moluccan Straits
  • Spain and the Philippines
  • Voyages of Captain Cook
  • Spain and Portugal Fight For Colonies
  • Devil’s Island
  • The Spanish Main
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • American Revolutionary War
  • The Mayans
  • The Unknown Battle of Fort San Carlos, MO During the American Revolutionary War

Genealogy and Family History:

  • Researching Your Ancestors
  • Family Names
  • Preparing An Effective Research Guide
  • Genealogical Evidence and Sources

General Interest & Humor:

  • Origin of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Origin of Ancient Sayings and Customs
  • How to Plan for an Around The World Trip
  • On The Road for Six Months
  • Eight Months in the Pacific
  • Flags of the Confederacy

Brief Description of Power Point Presentations

Spain Through the 17th Century –From the Roman Occupation in 135 BC to the Pirates and Privateers on the Spanish Main, this presentation includes the Incursion and Occupation by the Moors (711-1492); El Cid; The Crusades and the Knight Templars; Expulsion of the Moors and the Discovery of America (1492); Treasures of the New World; and the Sinking of the Spanish Armada.

Spain in the 18th Century – Starting with The War of Spanish Succession and ending with Spain being a valuable ally to the American Colonists during the American Revolutionary War, this program covers several European Wars.  They include the French and Indian War in North America; The Borbon Compact between Carlos, III of Spain and Louis XVI of France; the secret assistance rendered before war was declared against England in 1779; and the exploits of General Bernardo de Galvez, for whom Galveston, TX was named.


European & Mediterranean Pirates –Covers the history of Piracy going back to 1450 BC; capture of Julius Caesar; the spread of Islam; Viking Raids; and how the  Barbary Pirates were primarily interested in capturing Christian slaves.  The US paid tribute for years until the Barbary Wars were won by the US Marines.


The Crusades –Following the Moslem attacks into Spain, France and Turkey (1085 AD), and the sealing of Jerusalem, the Pope offered salvation to all who fought the Moslems, saying that it was not a sin to kill non-Christians.  The first Crusade started in 1095 AD and the last of more than 10 Crusades was in 1302.  For over 200 years battles raged from Lisbon to Lebanon.


Knight Templars –At first they guarded Solomon’s Temple.  Later, they built a series of castles, fortresses and monasteries to protect Pilgrims to the Holy Land.  They became the World’s First International Bankers and operated the largest sailing fleet in the World.  King Philip The Fair of France sought their wealth, and on Friday, Oct. 13, 1307 had them arrested.  Did they become the Swiss Bankers?


Charlemagne, The Bright Star of the Dark Ages –The Dark Ages started with the fall of Rome in the 5th century, and ended during the 11th century.  Charlemagne is credited with restoring civilization, creating a working government among the disorganized tribes and principalities, codifying the conflicting unwritten laws of the various tribes that became a part of the Holy Roman Empire, and getting the people interested in education.

Eurasia, The Birthplace of American LawStarting with the 10 Commandments, this presentation examines the development of laws in ancient lands, with Hammerabi, King of Babylon as the first codifier of laws; the need for Maritime Laws to combat piracy; Roman Law; Laws regulating warfare and prisoners; the Hansiatic League develops commercial laws; Charlemagne, William The Conqueror, the Magna Charta Barons, and Napolean all put their imprint on the development of our laws.

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