Michael Henderson, DAR President General Lynn Forney Young at 2015 SAR Congress in Louisville, KY.

Louisville KY

Michael N. Henderson, a SAR Member in Georgia, shared his story of discovering a family connection to Galvez in his book, Got Proof? My Genealogical Journey Through the Use of Documentation.   Through genealogical research, he discovered he descends from a woman of color who gained her freedom in 1779 (Manumission signed by Bernardo de Galvez) and a French national who fought in the Revolutionary War under Bernardo de Galvez in Spanish Colonial Louisiana.

Pensacola Honors General Galvez


Pensacola Honors General Galvez

Spanish dignitaries including the Mayor of Macharaviaya, the birthplace of Bernardo de Galvez, visited Pensacola, where Galvez won a battle against the British, a battle recognized by General George Washington as a deciding factor in the American Revolution.  More about this event can be found at the following two web sites:


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